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Indulge your taste buds with our delectable selection of large bakery-size drop cookies, each one promising a symphony of flavors that will leave you craving for more!


First up, we have our classic AWARD-WINNING Brown Butter, Salted Caramel, Choco Chunk  Cookie, boasting an enticing blend of gourmet chocolate flavors, brown butter and homemade salted caramel that melts in your mouth with every delightful bite.  This cookie won the NC State Fair in 2021 and has been growing in popularitity. I am shipping these cookies all over the US and several dozens are picked up or delivered in the Triangle Area every week.  


For the peanut butter enthusiasts, our Peanut Butter Bliss Cookie is a must-try. Picture this - a luscious buttery cookie overloaded with reeses pieces, and peanut butter morsels that will give any peanut butter enthusiast a want for more of these cookies!  Delicate but delicous cold or warm.


If you're looking for a tropical escape, and like cookies better than pie, you HAVE TO try our Key Lime Cookie.  This cookie will transport you to a sunny paradise. A burst of zesty lime buttercream beautifully complements the chewy, buttery sugar cookie, creating a harmonious tropical symphony in every mouthful.  It is cool and refreshing and great for cookouts all summer long!


Feeling adventurous? Our Black Cocoa S'Mores cookie is sure to satisfy your cravings. The rich black cocoa base, laced with dark and sweet chocolate, marshmallows, and MORE marshmallows toasted on top, leaving you with a heavenly blend of flavors.  It is chewy and chocolatety and hits all senses for sure!!!


Don't miss our nostalgic Brown Butter Sugar Cookie. With its crackly sugar exterior and chewy, soft interior, it's a timeless treat that brings back warm memories of childhood.  Way better than you could even imagine!


These large bakery-size drop cookies are lovingly crafted with the finest ingredients, making them the perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee, afternoon tea, or anytime sweet indulgence.  Every meeting deserves these treats, and if you are looking for a way past the gatekeeper straight to the Decision Maker, this is where you order!  


Introducing our delightful Mardi Gras-inspired Snickerdoodles!   These festive cookies are a burst of colors and flavors that will transport you to the lively streets of New Orleans.  Each cookie is soft, chewy, and generously coated in a perfect blend of cinnamon and sugar, creating a harmonious dance of taste in every bite.  But what truly sets them apart are the vibrant purple, green, and gold sprinkles adorning the surface, capturing the spirit of Mardi Gras in every cookie.  Whether you're celebrating the carnival season or simply craving a fun and delicious treat, these Snickerdoodles are a must-try  Order now and bring the magic of Mardi Gras to your taste buds!  


 Treat yourself to a delightful assortment and embark on a journey of pure cookie bliss!


Look for new flavors being added monthly!  Can order individual flavors or mix flavors by the dozen.  










Drop Cookies

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