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Love Our Cookie Kits? Get Them Monthly!

By subscribing to our DIY Cookie Kit, you get customized cookie kits with a seasonal theme every month! Each kit includes 12 freshly baked vanilla flavored cookies, icing and sprinkles with instructions.

How does it work? First, you fill out your contact information, shipping information and pick one option from each month in the form below. Next, you select your desired plan. The 6 Month Subscription is non-refundable. The 12 Month Subscription, however, if at any point you change your mind on or after 6 months, you can cancel at any time!


As a thank you, the 12 Month Subscription includes a FREE Birthday DIY Cookie Kit for the month of your choosing!

Price Breakdown: $35 per month (including shipping)



This form is for DIY Cookie Kit Subscriptions ONLY.

Interested in trying out our DIY Cookie Kits before subscribing? Check out our DIY Cookie Kit Request Form

If you are interested in another type of sweet or treat, please use our Quote Request Form.

Select an item ($)

Thanks for subscribing!

If at any point you change your mind and you have ordered the 12 Month Subscription, no worries! You can cancel so long as you've received 6 months of cookies. This flexibility does not apply for any amount below 6 months or the 6 Month Subscription itself.

If something pops up, like an address change or other emergency that could interfere with your subscription, please reach out to Mica to inform her as soon as possible.

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