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“Mica loves what she does and makes the tastiest treats that are beautiful and colorful! Mica cares for her clients and provides excellent service. Add a very special touch to your special occasion with Mica’s sweets and treats- you will not be disappointed!”
Mica’s Sweets & Treats was born out of necessity.

My granny wanted some LSU football cookies for an important upcoming game in 2018 and she wanted  me to make them for her. Once she had them, she encouraged me to grow my craft quickly and has kept encouraging me to bake!  She knows I love it so much and she knows that no matter what I make, it will be the absolute best it can be!


Try my sweets & treats, and you will agree!

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Meet Mica!

To know me is to wonder, “where did cookies come from?!” My name is Mica and I am a wife, mother, and entrepreneur.  I have always loved being in the kitchen, cooking for my family and friends. One day, I was asked to make some cookies and that is how Mica’s Sweets & Treats was born. Never saw it coming, never would have guessed it, it found me. But my life has been changed forever and it gives me a creative outlet – something I never thought I needed that warms my heart and makes me a better person every day.

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